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The NSW Left faction was formed 60 years ago to formalise and give coherence to a progressive group within the NSW ALP.


The Left faction is a coalition of forces, in the ALP branches and affiliated unions, that is bound together by the aspiration to build a freer and fairer society. The NSW Left, as the progressive force in the NSW ALP, recognises that the Labor Party and the labour politics does not always take the direction we would wish in pursuing democratic social change.


However, we also recognise that although it is not perfect, the ALP is the best vehicle we have to make real change in our society.


For members of the NSW Left, it is not enough to merely talk about achieving progressive social change; action must be taken. The NSW Left holds regular meetings, policy conferences, and forums with state and federal MPs, as well as social events and published Challenge, a leading progressive ideas magazine.


Joining the NSW Left allows members to participate in a network of unionists, branch members, and community activists all committed to imagining a better society and taking real action to make it a reality.

Rosie Ryan

Secretary of the NSW Left

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