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The Minns Government just made it harder for young people to get bail.

If you want to join our campaign, then sign the petition below and we'll let you know how you can get involved.

The proposed legislation will lock up more children and have a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

Already, community organisations and legal experts have slammed the laws.

The Aboriginal Legal Service described it as ‘a devastating betrayal of Aboriginal children and other vulnerable groups across NSW.’ Similarly, the NSW Bar Association said the laws ‘will result in greater incarceration rates of vulnerable children’ and lead to ‘more reoffending’.

While we welcome the Premier’s initiatives to make communities safer and support young people in regions. It’s clear the Government has it wrong.

As party members we have a responsibility to let them know. 

If you want to support our campaign to repeal the laws and improve outcomes for young offenders then sign up and join our campaign.

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