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Call on Labor to commit to abolish private prisons in NSW. 

Australia imprisons more people in private prisons than anywhere else on earth. 

Sign the petition calling for NSW Labor to commit to abolishing private prisons, and run our community justice system for community need - not private greed.

Big companies should not be able to profit from the incarceration of human beings.

When big companies run prisons, they have a vested interest in getting more people into prisons and keeping them there for longer. This means more money in their pockets and fatter pay cheques for their executives. Incarcerated people are used purely to further profit, not treated as individuals who are capable and deserving of rehabilitation and the chance to rebuild their lives. 

The public policy goal should be that time in prison serves as rehabilitation and a circuit breaker in an offender's life that gets them back on the right track, and reduces the chance of them reoffending. 

Our criminal justice system should be run for community safety, rehabilitation, and justice - not for profit. 

NSW Labor should abolish private prisons and bring them back under public ownership. 

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