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Sign our petition in support of our State Conference motion. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the faultlines in our mental health system. Overloaded, underfunded, and struggling to keep up with skyrocketing demand - the system is in crisis and people in need are suffering.   

Sign the petition calling for Labor to support the expansion of Medicare for mental health services - including providing cost-free  psychologist sessions through the GP Mental Health Care Plan and lifting the plan cap from 10 to 40 sessions per year. 

The global pandemic and two years of natural disasters have decimated  the mental health of many Australians. We’ll continue to see the impacts of these events for years to come. 

But even before these past two years our mental health services were failing to meet growing demand. A recent parliamentary inquiry put a spotlight on a system  is in strife with inadequate resourcing, inadequate focus on prevention and early intervention and a growing geographic disparity in care. 

Australia must have a fairly funded mental health system that is universally available to everyone regardless of their age, income or geography. 

Labor had the vision to deliver Medicare and we now must have the vision to save our mental health system. 

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