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Call on NSW Labor to ban clauses restricting pets in tenancy agreements. 

As housing prices continue to rise, more and more Australians are being forced to abandon the dream of owning a home and instead becoming lifelong or long-term renters. But renting laws in NSW disproportionately favour landlords with unfair and unnecessarily restrictive clauses like banning all pets in rental houses. 

Sign the petition calling on NSW Labor to take action for renters by abolishing no fault evictions, institute minimum standards for rental housing, ban clauses restricting pets in tenancy agreements, and invest in government owned and operated social housing. 

Pet ownership can immensely improve mental health by providing routine, a sense of belonging and purpose, and companionship.. No one should have to give up their best friend  just to stay in their home, or to be able to rent a new one.. Why are renters any less deserving of the love and companionship of an animal? 


NSW Labor must support genuine action to make renting laws fair for renters, including giving all tenants the right to own a pet as the Andrews Government has done in Victoria.

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