Call on NSW Labor to allow online branch meetings


During COVID-19 our rank and file members have found ways to still meet online – from policy and campaign discussions and debates to getting branch members together virtually through platforms like zoom.


While in person branch meetings are now allowed to resume for the purpose of moving policy motions, the COVID safe restrictions around this mean it is not possible for all branches to restart due to non-compliant venues.


Allowing branch members to meet online for these same purposes would empower rank and file members to influence the direction of our party and have their say on important issues.


The NSW Left have been advocating for this position, but has so far been rejected. Together, let’s make sure that rank and file members are heard loud and clear on this issue.


Email NSW Labor General Secretary Bob Nanva to ask that NSW Labor allow branch members to conduct online branch meetings for the purpose of moving policy motions and contributing to the political direction of their party.