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Young Labor Left NSW is an organisation of young people dedicated to building a democratic socialist movement in Australia. We believe in participatory and representative democracy; trade unionism and workers’ control of industry; the abolition of exploitation for private profit; the full, timely and practical implementation of the ALP’s socialist objective in its original form; environmentalism and sustainability; and equality for all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race, physical or national origin. 


YLL is currently running a 'Close Immigration Detention Now' campaign with Labor for Refugees NSW. The first event of this campaign, a Tele-Town Hall run on Zoom, saw 117 ALP members vote in favour of a resolution calling on Anthony Albanese to demand the immediate transfer of all asylum seekers and refugees in immigration detention into safe community accommodation. If you’d like to be a part of our efforts to turn the page on the ALP’s racist and inhumane treatment of refugees, sign up on the Young Labor Left website or text Cian on 0421 618 007.


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