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Labor Action Group submissions can be found here.

Right now, rank and file Labor members have an opportunity to have your say on what is included in the next National Platform.


Labor's National Platform provides members and supporters in the community with a clear statement of Labor’s beliefs, values and program for government and outlines the key priorities for Labor.


Usually, the Platform is determined through the National Conference process, however, COVID-19 has meant the party has to take a different approach.  


The National Platform contains hard fought for commitments that rank and file members, unions and action groups have secured over many years.


It is important that members get to have a genuine say in the platform, which means you should check out the draft platform and make a submission and tell the National Policy Forum what changes you want to see. Want to compare it to what came before? You can read the 2018 National Platform here.


Confused about where to even start with these documents filled with issues you care about? We have done up a pack to make this process as straightforward as possible for you – check out our pack below or download it here including a guide to making an effective submission and an index to help you more easily find the relevant sections for the issues you care about.


There is so much in the platform of huge importance, and it is up to you what you include in your submission.

Download our guide to having your

say in the ALP National Platform:

ALP National Platform
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